Tuff Engineering Perth is your one-stop destination for the finest Australian-made slide-on campers and camper trailers. We are dedicated to crafting high-quality, heavy-duty camper trailers tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs and budget.

Our ute campers are produced using 100% aluminium, capitalising on its lightweight yet strong characteristics. The welded tubular frame, combined with top-quality fittings, ensures longevity, reliability, and the resilience needed to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

Each of our ute campers and camper trailers is custom-built to align perfectly with your individual requirements.

Features of our camper trailers include:

  • Fully welded 3mm Aluminium ute campers & camper trailers, ensuring a solid construction.
  • Dust and water-proof designs to protect against the elements.
  • The highest quality 3-way door locks and hinges for enhanced security.
  • Painted to match the colour code of your vehicle with durable 2 pack paint.
  • Optional built-in accessories, such as kitchenettes, sleeping compartments, and pull-out tables, for added convenience and comfort.
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