About Us


We have experience of more than a decade in the field of aluminium fabrication. Hence you can trust on Tuff Engineering to provide you with quality aluminium fabricated products and exceptional service every time.  Tuff Engineering also help you with high quality campers that are highly reliable.

All our fabrication experts specialize in the manufacturing of  fabricated products due to which they execute to perfection; thanks to their high quality training and numerous years in the industry.

What We Do

Aluminium Fabrication, Campers, Slide on Camper, Camper Trailers, Service bodies and Tool boxes in Perth, WA.
We manufacture 100% aluminium products, framed and clad with 3mm marine grade aluminium and fully welded.

We also manufacture pop top Canopies, tradesman canopies and various service bodies. Our campers are proven tough for harsh Australian environment. Hence they are very reliable, safe and secure.

We specialize in quality Australian, heavy duty camper trailers that can be personalized to suit each customer’s requirements and budget. From tough off road terrain, to easy road travel, we have a trailer for every type of experience.

Most of all, you can rest assured that our experts try and test everything to ensure best product experience.

Service Areas

Our campers and canopies are:

For a more detailed description of our canopies and camper trailers, refer to our product guide, or contact us direct. You can also contact us through Facebook.